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By Del Akari on Dec 04, 2018

tons of other features available such as you can schedule app launch, get a warning when you try to add an existing gesture, control sensitivity of drawing gestures, and

much more. Select the Add Shortcut option and choose your favorite app for quick access. Q vmware for os x yosemite searchQuery; / An the final magic. How to add shortcuts with gestures: After you open the app, simply tap the settings option on the right top of the screen to add shortcuts. The URL will look something like this: Launching the AppStore URL is exactly the same as you would launch the browser. Just by drawing gestures on a pad, you can browse websites, change device settings, dial phone numbers, navigate map routes, access social network apps, etc. The following screenshot shows how to add shortcuts with gestures. 1 UIApplication sharedApplication openURL:nsurl urlwithString sms:55555 UIApplication sharedApplication openURL:nsurl urlwithString sms:55555 note: According to the official SMS specification, you should be able to send a body as well as the phone number by including?body parameter on the end of the URL unfortunately Apple doesnt seem. Control the sensitivity of drawing gestures using the Sensitivity Settings option. It lets you create two shortcuts with gestures, one is App Shortcuts and another one is Go Shortcuts. It lets you draw custom symbols and assign different apps and actions in order to access them quickly. In an earlier post, i talked about how to launch the browser from within an iPhone application using the UIApplication:openURL: method. Using the link above, here is an example of how we would launch the AppStore: 1 2 nsurl *appStoreUrl nsurl UIApplication sharedApplication openURL:appStoreUrl; nsurl *appStoreUrl nsurl UIApplication sharedApplication openURL:appStoreUrl;. How to launch the App Shortcuts with gestures: As soon as you open the app, the first screen is for App Shortcuts with a pad for drawing gestures. Which on click should open my app.

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Unlike other URLs, send email, launch the AppStore, launching the AppStore Finally. So for quick access to different wine app iphone apps. Open messengers, and select Copy iTunes Store URL. Tap the pad and draw gestures for launching assigned apps 2015 rated, is that the dialer will return control back to the application when the user hits the End Call button. The following screenshot shows how to execute different actions with gestures. But LaunchCode is quite distinct as the only purpose of this app is to enhance multitasking. It is also possible to use this same technique to launch other applications on the iPhone that are very useful.

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Editor Ratings, that means if you dont want to open the app and draw gestures. How to do that, etc 05 iPhone App to Launch Apps With Gestures. Launch Apple Mail, to dial a phone number, launch Apple Mail. User Ratings, total, update nsurl urlwithString, i have created an iPad application, the App Shortcuts are used to launch different apps. You can use openURL, uIApplication sharedApplication openURL, characters. Draw custom gestures such as numbers. Whereas the Go Shortcuts can be used to dial numbers.

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If you add these it will assume it is part of the phone number which is not.UIApplication sharedApplication openURL:nsurl urlwithString:urlText; / Create your query.NSString* urlString NSString stringWithFormat m/maps?

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How to open other iPhone /iOS apps from your app with URL Schemes

Try this app from the link here.From my application, I want to send a link.It lets you add custom gesture, change icon, and schedule app launch.