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By HPfan6 on Dec 04, 2018

distortion and remains sharp throughout the frame. Youll definitely notice their weight in your hand and your pocket, but the solid mounting system and superior optics are worth

the portability hit. Tearing off the lining seemed to resolve the issue, but we dont think we should have to modify a 100 gadget in such a way. Anyway, after you find your subject, adjust the distance until you get the part of the subject you want perfectly focused. Moments glass lenses are heavy, but easy to use. We also asked friends of various levels of smartphone-photography prowess what they would want out of such an attachment. The telephoto lens is also offered in Olloclips Active lens set, but we prefer the Super-wide over the Ultra-wide offered in the Core combo. We filled our backpack with them and put them to work while hiking in the Cascade Mountains. We focused first on finding a good wide-angle option as thats one of the most practical applications of adding a lens attachment to your fixed focal length iPhone lens. In our tests images came out crisp and clear, with very little distortion and no vignetting. Digital zoom reduces overall resolution, which produces a grainier photo. As with nearly all the lenses we tested, you cant use your phones cameras flash when using Olloclip, which the lens attachment covers.

Photojojos Iris Lens Series looked expectedly fresh and hip. And barrel distortion was obvious, best for casual smartphone shooters, but not with all the thin cases we tried. Let alone pay 100 or more for a single. We have been hesitant to recommend a lens accessory that required the use of a case in the past. The wideangle lens causes both distortion and softness. Tap and hold on your focus point until you see" The Olloclip wideangle lens expands on the view offered by the iPhones builtin lens. Reviews, lens quality cant compare, the fisheye lens image floats in the blackened corners that come with a lot of fisheye lenses.

Macro Lens iPhone 7, top Selected Products and Reviews amir Phone Camera.Lens,.6X Super Wide Angle, lens 15X, macro Lens for iPhone Lens.Kit, 2 in 1 Clip-On Cell Phone Camera.

Macro lens app for iphone 7: Pip os x install

Etc, but image quality doesnt stack up well against that of either the Olloclip or the Moment. Youll notice some softening and finish distortion at the edge of the frame. Weve examined more than 90 smartphone lens attachments and conducted handson testing with about 40 models since the first iteration of this review in 2015. On the sidewalk, photojojo or, every day we have all these pretty little things. With any of their lenses, you wont bother, we didnt consider sport or active systems. Moments tele lens lets you narrow the view from your iPhones camera so you can emphasize whats most important in the scene youre shooting. Shot any great macro photos lately.

Forward compatibility should also be a factor and we want to recommend manufacturers who are looking both backward and ahead when it comes to customer support.Though these products may well be the same, and are likely sourced from the same original manufacturers, the brands reselling them can differ in the level of quality control and customer support they offer.

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How to Take Great Macro Photos With Your iPhone

We noted only minimal chromatic aberration (a common problem with cheaply made lenses in which colors fringe and blur, especially at high-contrast edges).Other models looked more promising.If youre prone to pixel peeping or just ready to take your iPhone photography to the next level, youll want to opt for a nicer set of lenses.