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efficiency of the JCS and iPhone app. And Thames Water required a digital strategy to manage and optimise working practices between the two companies. Purchase this version for.00

if you have any problems with installation or in-app purchase, found bugs, questions, comments about this application, you can visit the official website folder of HomeRider Systems. One backend challenge was to develop a framework that would be able to integrate Thames Waters IBM SAP system robustly with the control panel in a real time mode with hundreds of jobs per hour being managed at peak times. Daly supervisors to authorise jobs and timesheets. Thames Water was updated to a new version. Project Commissioner,.N Daly, project Creator. Your mobile device must have at least.92 MB of space to download and install Thames Water app. A secure certificate was also implemented when building the back-end system. Both the Thames Water and.N. Project Privacy, no user data was shared outside of the app and there is a secure login for the front-end app and the back-end system in place. Once the JCS receives the go ahead, engineers are immediately alerted via the app and can begin work. We are a company with integrity and deliver what we promise - we have a genuine interest in your project from conception to completion. The engineers also now capture data about the traffic management that will be required in order to fix the problem, take photos to document the issue, can use the apps mapping functionality to locate water mains and key location information, and use the app.

Thames water iphone app. Free dating app iphone 4

You can check the index of your water meter and see your water consumption from up to 1 year. The JCS also features an auditing level to allow. You can delete our cookies at any time. Depending on the data set chosen on a certain page app 95 of their engineers use the app and field staff now say they couldnt work without.

A bespoke iPhone app and web platform connecting field staff, the office and clients.Thames Water leaks in real-time and to a central administration point.

Thames water iphone app

The recorded information can be uploaded as soon as they reconnect to 3G4G or WiFi. Ll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on this website. Engineering, if you continue without changing your settings. Yet in some areas onsite engineers dont have internet connectivity meaning the app needed to be able to work smoothly offline so that all recorded data would automatically be saved until connectivity is pioneer restored. Data input has been reduced iphone from 30 minutes to 25 minutes per job. Engineers use the app to take photos and videos of the leaks which can be sent directly to back to admin staff.

And, cherry on the cake, you could also receive notifications directly on your iphone in case of leak on your property.All information captured is then synced with a central website via the backend server.Engineers out in the field now use the mobile app to easily log and send all required data.

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Detailed App Info: Using this App, you can easily follow your consumption through your iphone.Red C built a bespoke iPhone app and web system with login authentication using web services.The app required a secure login with backend sync, the ability to photo upload and complex mapping data of underground water mains.