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by tapping. Once youve selected the template you wish to use, you can add photos, text, stickers or drawings to the layout. It will be a perfect tool for

Insta stories. One wonderful feature is that you are allowed to customize the layouts with the app. You can combine different photos from your Camera Roll, add text, stickers, change the background, and more. You can get this app for free. You can see a pattern area down below the style tab. Moldiv by JellyBus, this app offers high-quality filters along with collage choices. Customize border width or margins, and corners in between or around your photos. You can quickly add text, stickers, and different elements on your collage. Youve got multiple layouts to choose from and fonts and stickers are also within your choice. Choose Layout section at the top of the screen. Moldiv app enables you to combine as many as 16 photos in a collage, while it also provides over 300 frames. You can then add additional photos, stickers, text, or drawings to your collage: The third option available on the home screen of the app is Templates. . Slideshows can hold up to 15 photos and can be up to one minute in length. Moldiv, this free collage apps for iPhone allows its users to edit their photos in any way they want. This app is originally designed to help users to put the whole photo of Instagram because Instagram normally needs you to crop the photos first. You can edit the photos effects, clip the photo, duplicate it, set as background, collect it in a separate folder to use later, or remove. You are able to experience multiple features such as borders, filters and text captions. Whats more, you can share the photos through the social network with your friends on your iPhone or save the photos to the camera roll directly. Although this app is quite easy to handle, it still shows powerful features for you to make photo collages. PiZap Photo Editor, creating amazing best photo collage with this free iPhone app is easy because it provides a nearly unlimited amount of layouts. So, the solution is quite simple and stylish its a collage. Whats more, you have so many layout choices in the app and it can organize the photos you selected in the best way automatically. As you place images into the grid, you can apply edits such as crop, adjust, focus, sharpness, red-eye, special effects, and more. The app features over 180 filters, amazing photo editing tool and a Pro Camera that lets you capture videos and photos. The, text option allows you to add text to your collage, as well as the option of changing the font, size, color and style: To perform some basic adjustments to your collage, you have to know a few touch gestures. You can create a poster pr freestyle collage, beautify your selfies, and more. Adding text in your own handwriting is also an option, while every other feature offered by this app will allow you to unleash your creativity.

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And add photo captions to turn it into an amazing collage story. Backgrounds, tap a photo and simply to add it to your collage. You can share the collages with your friends through social websites such as Twitter. Instagram, simply tap on the photo you want to curl. The common thing of the apps is that they can offer you powerful collage features if you try them download out. To curl the edge of a photo.

To use UI - iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch - iPhone 5 Graphics.Discover more like InstaCollage.Photo Collage - Amazing Collage Maker.

Crop, speaking of the stickers, here is an app with powerful features. You are offered a mac range of editing choices. While its unique fonts let you caption photos or add text to every photo edited with this amazing app. Feedback and Support, photo arrangements or more within the styles. You can node, but which is the best photo collage app for you.

InstaCollage is packed with photo grid, layouts, filters, effects and exciting editor tools to stitch your pictures into a beautiful collage.This lets you either use a preset background or import a photo to use as your background.

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Photo Collage Editor This application contains over 200 different layouts for collages.This app makes the collages of photos quite easy to handle.There are hundreds of layouts you can use, while the app also provides an instant photo grid for images on your iPhone, Instagram or Facebook.The Flip option flips the photo upside down: To replace a photo in your collage, tap Replace at the bottom of the screen, then select the new photo youd like to use.