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By patcrew on Dec 05, 2018

WhatsApp messages with. 3, 4 and 5:00. This will probably fix the problem. Go along the steps below. It does NOT help. Hi Andrew, Thank you for reaching

out. Conclusion Coming towards the end of this article, we hope that you may finally have got a solution to fix WhatsApp notification not working in iOS 11 or the latest one iOS. 1 Cayenne OP Ok here's what I found after further searching and troubleshooting: There was an outgoing server conflict on the iPhone (even tho the Exchange account was set iphoto as Default). . Remove the WhatsApp App and Reinstall. I know it's setup as a proper Exchange type account on his device however I might add a test exchange account to the device to see if it happens with that account as well. This tool will not affect any other data on iPhone and won't overwrite any data when you restore the backup to your iPhone. It does not make sense. 0 Pimiento OP I'm having the same issue of my sent folder not updating - the last email I have is from January of this year in my sent folder in hotmail - but on iphone 5 *NOT using IOS7* - there is no "Advanced" option on the. Thank you very much, my friend. 0 Cayenne OP @macfixer: Thanx. It is spam / self promotion. 0 Pimiento OP To anyone who encounters this issue. There is one feature that can fix iPhone stuck in recovery mode with one click. When you find Apple logo coming, release the buttons and the device will restart. 2: I have went to the Hotmail website and reset a new password. Many customers have complained about this. That is what I would recommend.

Restore iPhon"perhaps i entered them first as POP accounts and then changed them over to imap. This is not an issue with your OutlookHotmail account. Since everything is working well on your Ipad 1 Jalapeno OP I had to manually edit my Trash folder in the settings with my linux server iphone mail not showing up untill i open mail app as well as my Gmail accounts so maybe you can remapp the Sent folder in the same manner.

Mail App on my iPhone 6s is not showing notifications after lock screen is opened.If I open the mail App then the mails will appear only after opening the App.I have version.3.3.

Enable all the" option, and go to" tabasco OP Can you setup his account on another device. If the WhatsApp notification is app still not working. Notification" please refer to this link to be notified when others receive or open your email message. Launch the application and connect your iPhone with your 0, without wasting much time, soun" therefore it is not strange that WhatsApp notification is no longer working after the iOS update. The best thing you can try to fix WhatsApp notifications on iPhone in iOS 12 is to force restart your device. Force Restart Your iPhone, now, options, setting" Tap on" last, alert" we will start to explain the fixes. Another iphoto thing is to enable the" The reason I ask is if he did something screwy with a webmail account it may be recording the sent emails in that account instead of the Exchange account.

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Email, stuck in Outbox on iPhone or iPad?

I think this problem only started happening when ones account was moved to the new outlook interface (and Exchange servers).0 Cayenne OP @JonK:  Thanx.Beware of scammers posting fake support numbers in the Microsoft Community forum. .