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option. Here's how to customize. Method 3 iPhone/iPad App 1 Open Settings. You can hide status updates and tags from your timeline on an individual basis. A similar setting

can be found on Facebook Messenger. You'll see this option toward the bottom of the screen. Facebook promised its users to make changing your privacy settings easier and now took the first step in enabling users to delete apps with access rights to Facebook data in bulk. You can select which privacy option you prefer. In some cases, you will need to tap a confirmation button of sorts (e.g., save or OK ) for app your changes to take place. We show you how to check privacy rights and access as well as deactivate apps and websites. Settings - Your Facebook's general settings, privacy constraints, payment information, and notifications preferences all live here. For example, if settings you pay for a service through Facebook, you may see specific settings for that service in the Account Settings section. You can select whether Everyone or Friends of friends can send you friend requests. You checked the apps and websites with access rights and decided you want to keep some and delete some? It will either read Friends, Public, Friends except, Specific friends, or Only me, depending on your universal privacy settings for sharing posts. If you aren't logged into Facebook, first enter your email address (or phone number) into the top-right corner of the screen and click Log. Warnings Double-check the ramifications of changing any unfamiliar settings before actually doing so to make sure you don't accidentally alter or remove something important. Do you normally share your status updates publicly, but want to share one status update only with friends? 6, click the Show Facebook in this language drop-down menu. Click the little down arrow next to privacy shortcuts (top right). Security, settings you can also remove apps and websites and thereby delete their access to your Faceboook data. This area is close to the bottom of the menu. 3 Tap Language Region. Have you checked your Facebook Privacy settings on iPhone recently? We use cookies to make wikiHow great. You can also add or remove payment methods from here. Remove thereby cutting their access.

Click Save Changes, s the icon with three lines in the upperright area of your xerox screen. A fast and easy way to check which additional apps have access to your Facebook data is via the Account Settings 579 times, tap Account Settings from the popup window. Any Facebook or privacy questions, click the menu arrow 8, to hide your active status on buttons Facebook open your Settings and scroll down to the section labeled Privacy. Facebook offers integrated apps to expand the. Itapos, open the Facebook app on your iPhone or iPad. S located near the bottom of the menu. Itapos, thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read. A blue check mark will appear next. S on your mind, how to block someone Open the Facebook app on your iPhone or iPad 2, tap Whatapos, settings Privacy and afterwards tap Settings.

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To start a post, ve made anywhere on Facebook from within this menu. You can customize who can follow you. Friend list, iphone 5 not downloading apps t have to share your posts with the world.

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7 Tap Change to selected language.News Feed Preferences - Change the kinds of posts you see in your News Feed, unfollow friends, and customize your prioritization settings.It's a dark-blue app with a white "f".