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get executed, and it will unhide the Library folder in the Finder menus on your Mac. Chflags nohidden /Library the above tricks also work to reveal and show the

same user /Library folder in Mac OS X versions. Click on the option that says Show View Options to see the settings that control what should be shown in the Finder windows. Luckily, Apple has only hidden the folder, and well be telling you how to make the folder visible again. For those who are a bit familiar with code, this Library folder is written as /Library, which stands for a folder named as Library in the root level of your accounts home folder. So, that was a nice way of accessing the Library folder as all it needed was a press on the Shift key and you were ready. You can also access this by selecting iphone twitter app icon Show View Options in the View menu or by simply pressing Command J on your keyboard. You need to checkmark this option and it will make the Library folder to appear in the regular menu of the Finder app. So, if you really want to open the Library folder using the Finder quickly, you cant do as the folder is not visible anywhere in the app.

You might also be interested. Heres all you need to do to get that. You will need a permanent solution. You can use this setting at any time to make the folder visible. It shows up between the Home and Computer menu options. I go there often enough I want it up all the time. Open your Home Folder in Finder. In OavericksYosemite or later, the Library folder for the users on a Mac is always hidden as Apple just iphone doesnt want you to access it as it thinks you dont need access. If you happen to use the folder now and then.

The User Library folder is hidden by default in MacOS Mojave, High Sierra, and macOS Sierra, but.Well show you how to access the User Library folder quickly, as well as how to set MacOS.

And know exactly what youre, usersMahesh when the user folder opens. And from the Go menu, but this uses fewer steps as you just have to enter the command in the Terminal app and hit Enter and you are all set. For most Mac users, open Terminal, because the users Library folder contains important data and files for Mac user accounts and apps to function. To enable it in this menu. S a pain, which houses preferences and settings that help keep the OS and your apps running smoothly. When Apple rolled support out Mac Oion. But thatapos, i havenapos, click on the View menu at the top of your screen and it will reveal the Finders view options. Its generally a good idea to leave the directory and its contents alone unless you have ea specific reason to dig around. And the folder will appear in the menu. T tried it to verify it works.

And remember, the system level /Library folder is different from the user level /Library.You can also hit CommandShiftL from the MacOS Finder to immediately jump to the /Library directory of the active user account.

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How to show hidden files and the, library folder

What were interested in is the option that says Show Library Folder.Apple - USE TAG.If you dont need to constantly show the /Library folder on the Mac, you can just access it when needed by using the Go menu: From the Finder of Mac OS, pull down the Go menu and hold down the shift key.