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iOS world, Mac OS X provides fine tuned controls for location data usage, allowing for various levels of location sharing depending on what fits the user and their app

preferences. Uncheck the box next to a specific app to deny that application Location Service data. Find my friends: If youre a Find my Friends user, enabling location services for this app enables a widget in Notification Center that lets you receipt scan iphone app see where your friends are on your Mac. If you see an app is using your location and you havent authorized it to, you should disable location services for that app immediately, as it could be posing a risk to your privacy and you dont even know. You can jump to that immediately by choosing Open Privacy Settings through this menu bar, or by accessing it from System Preferences as outlined below, which provides granular control over application-specific location usage. Heres what you need to do: 01) Open the System Preferences application from under the Apple menu. Its the ultimate kill switch in location privacy, but keep in mind that turning this feature off will severely limit your ability to use location-based apps. Not long ago, we took you through an overview of the location services settings that come with your iOS device and told you all about how you can increase your privacy by configuring your location services wisely. Location settings for system services on Mac. Mac OS X now has the ability to easily view and manage which applications can access a users location data. Youll then be prompted by a window with a few options you can toggle on or off: Safari Spotlight suggestions: This feature will collect anonymous location service information to provide you with relevant Spotlight search and Safari suggestions when youre using either of the two. Even just a Wi-Fi network is enough to pinpoint your location accurately within just a few yards, as your IP address is used to estimate your location in a geographic region. Determining What App is Using Location Services in Mac. Starting now, you computer should know exactly where it is as long as it has access to the Internet. 02) Select the Security Privacy Icon 03) Authenticate Yourself, youll need an administrator password in order to proceed. Related: If you found this piece helpful, let us know in the comments below! Showing the location icon in the Menu Bar: Its always a good idea to enable this feature because then youll always be able to see right from the Menu Bar when your location is being drawn, much like iOS shows the same icon when your.

To quickly see what app is using and access location data. This provides the first clue and is found along with the other menu bar items on a Mac. And Mac users who also have iOS devices should find the initial indicator to be a familiar arrow icon that resides alongside other status bar icons and symbols. Once you open the Security Privacy preferences pane on your Mac. Because the information is collected anonymously. And also a way of determining recent attempts if you briefly noticed the menu bar icon flash and disappear to signify location usage. And there are plenty of apps and services built into your Mac that want to use your location to provide you with the best user experience possible. You may want to enable Safari if you use web apps like these. In this walkthrough, mac os x terminal unzip oavericks, however, where to find your location services settings. With some applications, this is a newer feature with Mac.

Location, services allows applications and websites to gather and.Mac users may wish to completely disable.Mac, oS, x now has the ability to easily view and.

Then you can disable it outright and save your privacy from snoopers and reduce power usage. If you dont use Find my Friends. Then ask you local admin or the person who setup your computer. Which is perfect for planning trips and taking aerial tours before leaving the house. Mac Mini, go to apple Security Privacy, remember. Just like iOS, and then choose the Privacy tab. But also increase your Macs battery life. And consider this feature as creepy as. We would suggest taking a minute to make sure that your settings are configured in a way where you know that your location is only being reported to services that you. Limiting the ones you dont can not only protect your privacy.

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Select Location Services from the left side of the panel.From the Location Services preferences pane in the System Preferences app, a black location services icon appears to the right of any application that has used your location within the last 24 hours.Mac OS X preference called, location Services probably needs to be turned.Third-party apps: Third party apps may also ask to use your location on your Mac, such as my Deliveries package tracker app.