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By Buczilla on Dec 04, 2018

also has a, gPS feature, which allows you to track your or your teams location and progress of particular tasks. Aqua app is positioned more as an hrms rather

than an attendance app. All the data synchronizes with the cloud. No worry about spare parts faulty. Pricing: WiFi Attendance is free for up to 10 employees. Just go to Classes - Tap on your class - Manage students - Press envelope button on the top right corner. DeskTime This is time management best lock app for iphone cydia web app that tracks not only attendance but also the time spent on each task. Before you choose to use one mobile app, make sure that its features correspond to your needs. You can access TimeCamp from any place! In its mobile version, TimeCamp helps users to track time automatically to specific projects, whether new or existing ones, and change the time entries manually. No paired down or lightweight apps here. With Harvest mobile app you can also record expenses and manage invoices to have your budget under control no matter where you are. Specially designed interface specifically for mobile devices so you can do what you need to quickly without hassle. Real time tracking and live location are other features that make this app valuable. Unique Feature : The advantage of this solution lies in freedom of customization. The app has three main features which are attendance, time tracking and billing. Attendance app is supported by multiple technologies such as biometrics, geofencing, and beacons. Any unused portion of a free trial period, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription. The standard plan for up to 40 employees costs 1 per month per employee and Fast plan for 40- 100 employees is for.5. They have a comprehensive set of HR solutions that cater to mid size and large companies. Again, it is a good feature for those who dont work in the office. It also has timetable scheduling service which is a big headache for educational institutions.

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Read also, you will pay electronic attendance app android and iphone more for any services availed in addition to attendance tracking. The technology is simple, how To Create a GPS Tracking Application. Thats where mobile attendance tracker comes in aid. However, id pay maybe 30 for a lifetime subscription but no way is it worth a monthly or annual cost.

All you need is your smartphone!In this list, you will find top 7 attendance tracking apps which work for, android and for iPhone.

Late arrival, alora is free download iphone apps full version a professional attendance tracker app that helps to save time and simplify attendance tracking. In fact, you may not see much difference since they all have similar features. Time Doctors mobile app was designed for people who dont work in the office or whose job requires traveling. There is a possibility of buddy punching in this app although it comes with its own unique feature. It can sync with your online account after every 15 minutes. The print out of this bar code is given to each employee which they have to scan to punch in and punch out at office. Mobile Phone App, conclusion If you compare all mobile attendance tracking apps. Time Doctor This is a good app if you want employee monitoring along with time tracking. Etc, this makes it perfect for tracking attendance in multiple remote locations for companies in civil construction or social services. Tablet App, no need to buy expensive Fingerprint Face readers.

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Its also very easy to export the reports in other payroll software.Unique Feature : Apart from accurate employee monitoring the advantage of Time Doctor is that it integrates seamlessly with most of the payroll, HR ERP and project management platforms.Building the mobile interface to work as well (if not better) on your Android or iOS devices was probably one of the largest efforts I've undertaken since I started building MyAT years ago.With the Pro and Enterprise version you have many more useful features such as employee scheduling, payroll reporting, photo capture, real time activity tracking etc.