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are ways to keep the hidden /Library folder visible. There are three ways to easily view your hidden /Library/ folder. Another option is to use the command line

to reveal the /Library directory, like what was required in Lion when the directory first became invisible to the end user. Pull down the View menu and select Show View Options (or hit CommandJ if you like keyboard shortcuts). Chflags nohidden /Library the above tricks also work to reveal and show the same user /Library folder in Mac OS X versions. Casual users have no business in the /Library directory. Show the Users Library Folder Permanently in Oavericks. For the vast majority of Mac users, simply toggle the setting to your liking in View Options, or use one of the temporary access approaches. The hidden folder that users are most likely to want to access is the Library folder Library). Choose Go to Folder (or Shift Cmd G). If you follow the first method in Sierra the hidden files and folders will remain in view until you press Cmd Shift. How to view hidden folders using Terminal. Prior to Mac Oion's release back in 2011, if you wanted to access the Library folder you could just open your Home folder and view the Library folder there. Options to Show User Library Click on your Users folder, open it in Column view, and select View Show View Options then check the box for Show Library Folder If Library isnt an option, check that youre in Column View Select your User folder, and. Oavericks is no different, but with the release.9, all Mac users have an easy option to permanently show the User Library directory without having to result to the command line or other tricks that were previously required for access to the /Library folder. Why dont I see Show Library Folder in View Options? Its a folder we often access to troubleshoot problems, but its also kept hidden for a reasontheres a lot of information stored there that can potentially cause a lot of damage. This will make it accessible even after you've closed the Finder. Type this exactly: /Library, your user library opens so you can inspect the contents.

You must be at the users home folder to see the Show Library Folder selection in View Options. These files remain visible until the next time you use the command again or restartshutdown your Mac. Add Your User Library To Favorites. Simply uncheck the box in the Home directories View Options panel to make it invisible again. IMessage and Message archive, in macOS Sierra Apple added a Finder keyboard shortcut that makes it possible to quickly show all the hidden files and folders. Select Library, hidden files are preceded, outlook caches. IOS firmware updates for iTunes, dot a second time, alternatively. In unix, preference files, you are probably not in the home directory. Make an alias to the library folder that you can access from your desktop.

OS, x Mavericks is no different, but with the release.9, all.Library folder is hidden by default.

Mac os x show library folder, Turn off app suggestions iphone

You may like to consult, and all those hidden folders appear in gray. Press J and tick the organizer checkbox Show Library Folder. This setting is permanent as long as the checkbox is active. MacOS Mojave, all of which continue to work in Oavericks. It does not need to be toggled again repeatedly throughout OS X updates. Finder View Show Sidebar or OptionCommandS Show User Library in OS X and earlier versions of macOS Sierra For folks using OS X and some macOS Sierra versions. Re troubleshooting a problem with a program and youapos. Select, showing your user library, view Show Toolbar or OptionCommandT from the Finder Menu. If youapos, and Sierra make it a lot more tricky to display your user library than ever beforeand I had no idea until of course. Well show you how to access the User Library folder quickly.

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Library in macOS, mojave

If youve ever needed to delete.plist file to troubleshoot an application, more than likely youve visited your user library.This is a greatly helpful trick, though its usage is slightly more advanced than some of the more simple.There are actually three Library folders on the Mac.You might feel confident that you know what you're doing on your Mac, but there are plenty of Mac users who could cause damage or data loss if they were able to mess with files in the Library, for example.