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app free for everybody regardless their means (without displaying ads nor selling your data). In-App Purchase, pay whats fair Pay what its worth to you: We keep on developing

new features to make ( offtime ) fit your needs based on all the feedback we receive. Welcome TO THE AGE OF hyperconnectivity. Set yourself goals and limit your smartphone usage. Our revolutionary services enable people to customize their connectivity, unplug easily, and find an enriching balance in their work-life-tech life backed by science. Send out custom auto-replies, comprehensive list of missed phone activity. For the basic version, you will have to do this manually everyday. What is happening with my data? The closer to 100, the better. Now, you might not know me, but I definitely don't stare at the locked screen for two hours. Make exceptions for the people important to you, or send out custom auto-replies that let others know when youre back on the grid. ( offtime ) lets you create profiles that block your calls, texts, and notifications. It gives you enough flexibility to use your smartphone, but also keep you from getting distracted or relapsing while being bored/procastinating. Invite your partner for a shared evening together, kids and family for dinner time, colleagues during a meeting, or the whole school class for focused homework (without fomo). ( offtime ) for Android lets you create profiles that block your calls, texts, and notifications. However, it usually clears up after closing the app. ( offtime ) also comes with hints - a growing series of English articles that offer useful information and practical advice for dealing with the pitfalls of hyperconnectivity. Limit phone usage, use profiles that fit your needs (Pro: multiple profiles) schedule and auto-start profiles with your calendar (Pro) use widgets for fast access, track phone and app usage, get analytics compare yourself with others. More Info our intuitive analytics give you insights into your phone and app usage, so you can identify your habits. Once you opt-in to our new server comparison feature, you can easily see how your usage compares to that of other users each day. Offtime, Digital Detox for Android only currently ). M/RRoWHbZ, above, you can see how to stop the block if you really need. With ( offtime ) you can: Block calls, texts, and notifications, calls and texts from VIP contacts remain unblocked. Shortcomings, the only two thing I've found that are a problem is that the app sometimes freezes. Unplug and focus on your work, have quality time with the people you care about, or simply enjoy some peace of mind. In case you have any issues, bugs, or suggestions, please get in touch with.

10, as you download can see, you can schedule ahead of time when you want blocks to occur. Just write, you can go ahead and check Reddit and stuff. The apps intuitive analytics make it easy to identify your habits and take action to change them. Enjoy quality time with the people you care about.

Offtime helps you to focus and to unplug to be creative thanks to smart app blocking, communications filter and insights into your smartphone usage.Download NOW find OUT more.Offtime you re fully with the people you care about - without the feeling of missing out - thanks to our auto-replies and our personal event.

Finally, or maybe the developer just forgot to put a scroll bar for that one textbox. Ve been on your phone and you can check to see which apps you use the most. Theres an APP for that, all personal information is encrypted, at the lower left corner. Offtime helps you to focus and to unplug to be creative mac thanks to smart app blocking. You can easily change which apps you want to block. It lets you know how long youapos. Use reminders that alarm about excessive usage. This part of the app is called Insights. Curious or concerned about the drivers of distraction and digital device addiction. Give your device some peace and reconnect with your loved bodybuilding ones.

We say: Its time we get back into control.You can even restrict access to any apps, so you can make sure you dont get distracted, break free and have some quality time.

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Focus Digital Balance - offtime

As proven by science, with ( offtime ) you can improve your wellbeing and productivity.M/lDkLa63, this is the main feature to use.All in all though, this app is worth a try to any of you who are struggling to keep smartphones from taking over their lives.So, I check my phone after the block is over and I see that I've been on the Offtime app for two hours.