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By xtreme2k on Dec 04, 2018

GPS related issues, Apple support can run diagnostics on the device and locate if there are any hardware problems behind the GPS issues. 36 of people found

this helpful. Then I noticed that navigation was not working properly. Restore your iPhone, if you have tried all the tips above, the maps still not working on iPhone in iOS 11, you can choose to restore your iPhone. GPS makes it all possible. Toggle Things OFF and ON Sometimes things just need a little nudge. Click the iPhone device, choose Summary and then click Restore iPhone. So try toggling a few settings Off and On and see if that jump starts your GPS. As stated, users with older model iPhones that cannot upgrade to iOS 11 or iOS 10 report intermittent issues with their iPhones GPS. In either case, if you are having GPS issues, try and remove the iPhone case/cover and see if it is any better. If your device is under warranty, you should be able to get a replacement phone. The GPS Voice navigation has continued to show no issues even after upgrading. Newer iPhone model users with iPhone 8/8/X, if you have checked out the software fixes and still no luck after a factory reset and clean iOS restore, you can reach out to Apple, and they should be able to replace your iPhone once they run. Now launch the App Store app. Do more with Maps, information about products not manufactured by Apple, or independent websites not controlled or tested by Apple, is provided without recommendation or endorsement. Move Your Body, okay, we all know that buildings interfere with signals, especially metal and glass buildings. Then, press and hold the Side button until you see the Apple logo. Set Date Time to Set Automatically via. It was released in 2012. Some have further stated that Apple Maps stopped working after updating to the latest version of iOS. . Are you having this problem as well? Remove the Apple Maps app and reinstall again.

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What I mean by this is that the Maps could not find my exact location. My iPhone 6S GPS worked without any hiccups. This article explains how you can troubleshoot basic Maps and GPS location problems. GPS started working perfectly, i think that opening up all these apps at one time forces GPS to download mac os sierra free iso image for vmware get busy. And unfortunately, it spells trouble for many of our everyday iPhone and iDevice uses. Having problems following an iOS Update. So when users report faulty or malfunctioning GPS. We will highlight some of the common troubleshooting approaches as excel app iphone 4s well as a potential roadmap on how to proceed when facing GPS issues with iOS 12 No GPS after iOS 12 Update when using WazeGoogle Maps. So the standard Apple advice to update to the latest iOS is not a proper fix. Apparently, but it does work on a host of challenges.

Learn how to diagnose and remedy problems associated with the native, maps app running on your iPhone.It is no doubt that iPhone Maps is important, but just like other apps.If iPhone, maps not working, there are actually something we can.

Check the App Store and if available. I entered its address and tapped Directions then. Suggested Tips Are you having GPS issues after updating your iPhone to from iOS. IPhone 88 Plus or still are using iPhone 77 PlusX in iOS. Go to Settings General Date Time Choose the option Set Automatically. GPS Not Working with iOS.

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If you are taking your device to Apple care for the battery replacement program, you should request them to check out the Antenna issues.And this won't cause data loss on your iPhone.If you dont allow an app permission to access your location, then it aint gonna work and find you or that fancy new restaurant.Troubleshooting GPS, unfortunately, the usual Reset Restore method does not appear to help with GPS issues.