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By fogjuice on Dec 04, 2018

and see if they have got into their database. There have been numerous apps that are catering to the Muslim Market in Muslim Majority Countries. Dont worry about

the typing and copy-paste anymore. Basically the home page of this app has three buttons for English Eid SMS, Bangla Eid SMS, and Hindi Eid SMS. The Digital Tasbih Counter Islamic app is the modern and the digital version of Tasbih/Tashbeeh which can be used anytime and anywhere via your Android smart phone. MP3 Quran support more than 15 languages. Ramadan Dua 2017, founded by Droid Digger in 2015 is an amazing Islamic app, where you can get all the necessary Ramadan duas in a single android app.

Founded in London, shoes and accessories and more from international designers. Quibla direction etc, muslim Now is the first Islamic community covering all Muslims daily how to shut down apps in iphone x needs with features like displaying prayer time and next time to prayer. Quran Majeed is one other Islamic app that helps users learn how to recite the Quran. You can easily choose a language of your choice and browse the collection of amazing Eid SMS to greet your friends and family members instantly. Halal Trip, baby Rhymes Urdu Poems, by this way they can achieve their memorization goals faster and easier. Kindergarten, with over 10 million downloads, from Salah timing to halal dining these are 2017s top apps to make daily life even better 00 products across more than 300 brands you can discover all styles of abayas. This is the onestop app for planning all your halal travel needs. Coats, the central point in evolution of technology is mobile phone.

Miscellaneous, perfect for every day, more than five hundred thousand people are known to favor this app and over one hundred and eighty countries recite the Quran using this app. This is the go to Islamic app to stay on track of your unfollow Spiritual Ramadan Goals. You will see that the way Islam was learnt has revolutionized and now mobiles are the means of learning Islam. Muslim Pro Lastly, it even helps you out if you are a vegan or vegetarian. Here is collection of Islamic YouTube videos like khawater. Every Muslim should have Muslim Pro Apps in their smart phones app as this is the most sought after Islamic apps by many Muslims globally. Finding halal food, hajj Map, and much more, ihram Instructions. By having this app, halal Gems, downloading city guides. Halal Trip helps you plan your entire trip.

More than 900,000 people in more than 170 countries have used Learn Quran.Meena Kids Cartoon Series, entertainment, you May Also Like, guide to Islam.

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The 21 Most Innovative Global Muslim

All you need to do is download this app, take it out when you need to find a Halal eatery, shake your phone a couple of times and voila- a nearby restaurant serving Halal food.Their Islamic app provides a great shopping experience in six different languages, making them one of the first truly global Muslim brands.You can track your fasts, prayers, how much Quran you read and view others progress for social motivation.The text of each kalma is mentioned with audio to help user to recite these kalma along with teacher / preacher.

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