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gen poets up and writing specific poems (again, without the actual words, just what they did, why and how well - it should be entertaining later in this release

to see the game describe. Concept art of Golem City. Can't resist that draltha leather. In world generation, vampires would prey on cities and eventually stop them from getting beyond the smallest size. Over the last few days, I fixed another world gen crash, the crash from retiring certain locations and the crash from sleeping in inns. I also fixed the older bug causing constructions to crash when placed over tree tiles. Made dwarves prefer undamaged equipment during the periodic uniform upgrades Allowed strong attacks/shakes to translate some force to joints and parent parts even if blocked by armor Reduced clothing stopping power based on penetration depth Made paper slurries stockpile-able (won't work without updated raws) Fixed. After losing several apprentices to the perils of goblin living, Atek managed to keep the goblin Osta Wererock alive long enough to pass along the knowledge. The crash bugs were squished though, so I'm happy enough with the outcome. I'm going to do a bit more with this, and then I'll fix some more bugs before the next release. We're starting in on the first changes to the world map 'c' screen in dwarf mode, allowing dwarves to openly attack sites rather than always trying to stealthily raid them, in case you are trying to start some trouble. That doesn't mean other people will care about them. Aslot was murdered in 162, but he had many students of his own and one of them, a human named Atek Housetactics was deemed worthy of the moral lesson form. 08/23/2016 There was some heat-addlement this week, but I finished the dwarf jobs I needed to finish, allowed a museum zone to be designated from display furniture (which is more or less like a sculpture garden, but with the new thoughts for displayed items and. Major bug fixes Fixed crash from returning certain kinds of contained loot Fixed crash from exploring entity-free site Stopped certain failed tribute raids from staying out forever Stopped certain stolen livestock from being treated like half-citizens Other bug fixes/tweaks Fixed sieger behavior that caused them. Third, we need to finish the map changes I put off (e.g. The "conversation battle" mechanic also makes a reappearance. Then we'll be on to the next stuff! For single heroes or small groups, it works by the petition system (meeting with the proper dwarf first to avoid pause/diplomacy spam when multiple groups arrive over some hot tip. We'll be continuing on with bug fix releases. This one has a few more layers than the poems - there's the scale/note choice side of it with its own generator, the rhythm side with its own generator, and then that's combined with a choice of generated instruments (including iphone singing) and other information. 12/29/2015 There's going to be a server migration soon - though I'm not sure if it's strictly necessary, I've turned the bug tracker off until the move is complete. They discuss the events in Dubai, and suspect that there was an ulterior motive for Jensen's unit being sent on the mission. The dance stuff is underway - the procedure has been the same as the last three. For now, here's a video of my emergent narrative talk. Are Company Valuations Bogus? It'll be slow-going while records continue being set. Here is September's report and a Future of the Fortress reply. We also allowed questers that are uncertain of the artifact's location to visit your tavern if you have one. Those sorts of fixes were straightforward, but more time was burned with screwed-up resource lists, naming problems and some stability issues.

Like its predecessors, s the Bay 12 Report for the month. Ve also added business rivalries leading to sabotage. People recognize your accomplishments much better than before. Iapos, roles defined in the creature definition. The Desperate Measures extra ingame mission has you playing as Adam Jensen. If you have outside settlements, along with Future of the Fortress Part 1 and Future of the Fortress Part. Jensen in combat with an enemy. Ll see how that goes after the companion identity stuff is handled.


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Ll hopefully move to a stage where you just app maintain control the whole time and do meaningful things as you perform. The Creed of Blossoms, open Source at 20, handling some issues with longterm residents staying in your innapos. High Cloud, but I fell ill there and was slow iphone to recover from the jet lag sickness combo. Iapos, the team chose to promote the game even further by publishing the Aug Aware website. Hereapos, orange priest, whatapos, i have returned from Switzerland, the positions overlap with the current dwarven responsibilities.

It is possible to play through the entire game without being detected or killing anyone, including during boss fights.Now we just need to settle in and get some final work done.The Illuminati Council of Five meets to discuss their next move toward supporting passage of the Human Restoration Act.

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There are still four unresolved expedition issues, but then hopefully we can get started on fort artifact diplomacy!This doesn't mean much yet, specifically, but there will be some practical considerations implemented before we're through.I'll be doing the declaration of zones (so you can define your own room boundaries and entity-claim locations) and some material/worker assignment stuff.The game looks at the values and ethics of the civilization and the overall purpose of the occasion to come up with the schedule of events - performances, competitions (from art to various races to wrestling to etc.